ASUS ROG Chakram X Scroll Wheel Fix

The ASUS ROG Chakram X is an unusual mouse with a joystick next to your thumb. I've had two with faulty scroll wheels, which is disappointing for such an expensive mouse, and seen the same complaint in some Amazon reviews.
The scroll wheel behaved inconsistently, interpreting some movements in the wrong direction. This improved at low speeds, making it seem like the scroll wheel encoder was missing steps.

It's fairly easy to fix, I've performed this process on both faulty mice successfully.

  1. Remove the four (tri wing security) screws on the top and lift off the upper shell, flipping it 180 degrees. Be careful with the ribbon cable for the scroll wheel.
  2. Remove the two (philips) screws holding the scroll wheel assembly on.
  3. Pop the scroll wheel out of the encoder.
  4. Clean the scroll wheel and encoder with a lint free cloth.
  5. Add a tiny amount of a long lasting dry lubricant to hole in the encoder the scroll wheel goes into
  6. Clean the encoder thoroughly with an air blaster or other source of pressurized air
  7. Pop the scroll wheel back into place
  8. Reattach the scroll wheel assembly using the two philips screws.
  9. Reattach the top shell to the mouse using the four security screws.

If this doesn't work, replacing the encoder might be necessary. Fortunately I haven't needed to, so I don't have instructions for that.

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